The presentation of your property is a critical factor in a successful sale and achieving the highest possible price. Great presentation provides immediate attraction and stirs the emotional appeal of buyers when viewing properties. It is important to do whatever is possible to have your home looking its absolute best on inspection days.

To improve the presentation you can start with North West Realty's selling tips.

1. Looking Your Best

Street appeal is so important as buyers arrive on inspection day or simply drive by - first impressions count. Tidy the yard, mulch gardens, water, fertilize and cut lawns, high pressure clean the house, paths and driveways and ensure your gardens are being looked after or are set up with automatic reticulation should your property be vacant.

2. Homely Entrance

Your Agent will meet and greet buyers at the front door. Make it inviting. Include entrance mats, decorative pots and plants.

3. Spring Clean

Spring clean, clean carpets, windows and general de-cluttering will make the whole house feel fresh and large. It will also be easier to keep tidy. Remove excess items, keep kitchen benches clear to let buyers focus on the space of the home.

4. Light, Cool and Bright

Let the light shine in, open windows and doors for natural light. Put lights and lamps on, even during the day - especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

5. Expecting Someone

Present your home as if you are about to have friends over - set tables, display fresh flowers to brighten a room, make the beds and put "that stuff" away.

6. Create The Mood

Soft music works extremely well as buyers are more relaxed and look freely. In bathrooms, beautiful sets of towels and quality soaps enhance appeal.

7. Your Finest Hour

Know the best hours of the day to present your home when it looks and feels its best.

8. Things To Do

Everyone has got too much to do, especially time poor buyers. Take care of all maintenance items in the home, check that everything is working and it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do.

9. Prepare in Advance

There are some critical timelines that actually happen in the Community when considering selling.

  1. January/February school starts
  2. March/April it is Easter
  3. June is the end of the financial year
  4. September Spring begins
  5. December we celebrate Christmas

If any of these timelines influence your decision, prepare your home and engage Agents discussions three to four months in advance.

10. Pool & Garden Maintenance

Is your property currently vacant? Ensure that your garden and pool is maintained while your property isn't being occupied. Remember that first impressions count!

Be ready not rushed!